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     Industrial Anodizing provides chemical conversion coatings for aluminum in accordance with Mil-C-5541 Classes 1A and 3, AMS 2473 and 2474, or your specific specification, in either a bright or matte finish.


     Chromate conversion coatings are produced on aluminum and its alloys by immersion.  Chromate conversion coatings are generally non-crystalline, nonporous and amorphous.  Chromate conversion coatings are widely used in the metal finishing industry to retard corrosion, as a base for paints, and as decorative finishes.


    Chromate conversion coatings are often referred to as iridite, alodine or chem film.  It should be noted that Iridite and Alodine are trade-names for chemicals used to produce chromate conversion (chem film or chemical film) coatings.

Key Benefits

  • Outstanding paint adhesion
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Good corrosion resistance


Type I
Hexavalent Chrome based coatings.
Class 1A
Class 1A coatings (often referred to as Alodine coatings) are used when electrically conductive, maximum corrosion protection is desired.  The color of these coatings are generally golden-yellow to olive in appearance.  Class 1A coatings can be applied to pieces up to 11' L x 9' H and meet the requirements of AMS-2473.  Please contact us for your specific needs.
Class 3
Class 3 coatings (often referred to as Iridite coatings) are used when lower electrical resistance is required.  The color of these coatings generally range from a slight iridescent to straw color.  Class 3 coatings can be applied to pieces up to 11' L x 9' H and meet the requirements of AMS-2474.  Coloration of the coating can be tailored to your specification.
Type II
Non-Hexavalent Chrome based coatings.

NEW !!!   NEW !!!   NEW !!!


We have added a Non-Hexavalent Chromium Pretreatment to our Chemical Conversion Films.  This is an RoHS compliant coating.  Please visit the page Non-Hex for information regarding hexavalent chrome replacement.


After a great deal of research, Industrial Anodizing has installed a tank with a licensed version of the US Navy's Trivalent Chromium Pretreatment (TCP).  This alternative to Alodine and Iridite provides Class 1A corrosion protection and paint adhesion AND Class 3 electrical characteristics at the same time. 

Hand Line - 36L X 36W X 36D TYPE II Non-Hex Tank
Hoist Line - 120L X 36W X 96D TYPE I Alodine 1200S Tank
Used for pieces up to 11' L x 9' H.


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